Class is in session! The kids are back in school and you deserve to take some time for yourself. 

Not only are the kids learning this season, but so should you! 

Many of us barely had a comprehensive sex education when we were in school – but it’s better late than never to learn about the sexiest parts of our bodies! 

Learning your body can increase your sexual pleasure! By knowing what you like, you can also share that with your partner(s) to increase sexual satisfaction. 

Clitoris? Clitor-yes! 

When in-utero (in the womb), the clitoris and head of the penis develop before the sex of the baby is determined… and they are made of the same tissue! This structure will later turn into a clitoris or head of a penis. 

As found in a 2023 research study, the clitoris has an average of 10,000 nerve endings; that’s about the same as your entire face! [1] [3]

The clitoris and the penis have the same amount of nerve endings [1], but the clitoris is much smaller than an average head of penis. This is why the clitoris can be super sensitive!

Most of the clitoris is internal, meaning you can’t see all of it. What you do see, and know so very well, is the head of the clitoris. The entirety of the clitoris looks like a wishbone! 

Every person’s clitoris is different! 

Some are larger or smaller, some are more sensitive than others. As always, never compare yourself or your body to others. We are all different and unique!

You can get your clitoris pierced! 

Some people choose to get their clitoris pierced for the aesthetic and/or potential pleasure enhancing abilities. Do your research before making this decision and always go to a licensed and reputable piercer. 

Nipples – an underrated erogenous zone

For some people, nipple play is exactly how one likes to receive pleasure. Nipples can be very sensitive to some, while others may not sexually benefit from nipple play at all. 

Just like the clitoris, you can get your nipples pierced! For some people, getting their nipples pierced enhances their nipple sensitivity making them more sexually pleasing. 

However, you may have to remove them in the future if you choose to breastfeed. Consult your doctor before you decide to get your nipples pierced, especially if you plan to breastfeed in the future. 

They’re sisters, not twins!

Similar to one’s eyebrows, your nipples are similar, but not identical. One may be larger or smaller, higher or lower, darker or lighter; but always remember: all nipples are different, unique, and beautiful. 

Why does everyone have nipples? 

During pregnancy, nipples are developed before the sex of the baby. This is why everybody has nipples, despite their assigned sex at birth. 

Penis envy

Most penises are not circumcised! While circumcision is a common American practice, it is not common for the rest of the world! 

You also can’t determine a penis size based on the size of the person’s feet, but a 2007 research study found that you can with finger length, age, and height! [4]

According to another research study, most penis-owners will exaggerate their penis size. Despite what you may have heard, the average penis is 5.36in [2]

An erection does not indicate arousal; in other words, just because a penis may be “hard”, does not mean that they necessarily are turned on. Do not assume that a boner means that intercourse is wanted. As always, ask for consent. There is no body language that can be as powerful for consent as a verbal and enthusiastic YES! 

Class is dismissed! 

Did you learn anything new today?

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