Lab Reports

All of the CBD isolate that goes into our products is independently tested by a third party laboratory.  You may view or download the reports below. If you have any questions or need legacy data, you’re welcome to contact us.

Certificates of Analysis / COAs

CBD Isolate Lot Number Lab Report EngErotics Product Type Product Lot Number(s)
R220316RS01  Download Soaking Sand Bath Shot 221001001, 221001002, 221001003
CPrD032022 Download Soothing Salve Stick, Soothing Salve Stick Mini, Body Polish, Oh!Nectar, Soaking Sand Bath Shot

00051922, 00051922a, 00051922b, 00220825, 10220825, 20220825, 22111001, 22111700, 22111701, 22111702, 22111703, 22111704, 22111705, 22122900, 2212290, 23042101, 23042102, 23052300, 23052300a, 23071100, 23071101, 23071102, 23071103, 23071104, 23071105, 23122700, 23122701, 23122702

CP1121CC Download Soothing Salve Stick, Soothing Salve Stick Mini, Soaking Sand Bath Shot

00112921, 00122821A, 00122821B, 00122821C, 00122821D, 00022322RD, 00051922b

9741 Download Oh!Nectar 10149A, 10149B 10149C, 10149D, 10149E, 10149F
40010 Download Soaking Sand Bath Shot 000202221A, 000202221B, 000202221C, 000202221D, 000202221E, 000202221F


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