Cannabis is currently the most commonly used drug 1. This plant, Cannabis sativa, has been around for centuries and multiple different purposes ranging from agriculture to medicine. 

Historically, and among various cultures, cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac 2

However, much of the scientific research regarding cannabis and sex is vastly outdated. While sex has not extensively changed throughout time, cannabis has dramatically been altered through human interventions and genetic modifications. For example, in less than 30 years, cannabis has become over 10% more potent 3

While there is a lack of extensive research regarding cannabis and sex, the existing research shows positive support for cannabis influencing sex in beneficial ways. 


Cannabis has been found to increase sexual desire and arousal among individuals 4; this may help individuals who have a lower sex drive or find it difficult to become aroused. 

Another study found that cannabis use can increase the chances and duration of foreplay 5. For many people, foreplay is necessary yet underrated by others. With cannabis having the ability to create a space for foreplay, this can assist with facilitating a more fulfilled sexual experience. 


Cannabis has continuously been reported to enhance taste and touch 2,4. Think about which senses you use most during sex – you’re likely thinking of touch and taste. This evidence supports how cannabis can increase your senses and overall sensuality. 

Cannabis has also been found to increase one’s sensual experience during sex, such as increased sensation and sensuality 4,5. Cannabis use before intercourse has also led to more tender, slower, and compassionate sexual acts 5. Does this sound like something you’d like? 

Many of us would love to relax more – it may even help us with our sex life. Research has found cannabis to increase relaxation during sex  4,5. However, unlike alcohol before sex, cannabis does not impair one’s ability to make conscious decisions regarding consent and safe sex practices 5. We love that! 


While there is contradictory evidence on how cannabis affects penile erections, a recent study found that cannabis does not significantly affect the ability to achieve or maintain an erection 4. This is good news! 

Cannabis has been found to increase one’s ability to orgasm and potential to have multiple orgasms 4

Last but definitely not least, cannabis use before sex has been shown to enhance overall sexual enjoyment and pleasure 2,4

Did you know that cannabis could improve your sex life? Has it improved sexual experiences for you? We want to know! 

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