CBD Intimacy Body Care

Unlike many companies who make CBD body care products, we start with the highest quality ingredients to make a great product. Then we add in locally grown hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD). We take great pride in our attention to how the various ingredients work together to provide an exceptional experience to our customers. 

The oils, butters, and other skincare ingredients that we use are designed to nourish, soothe, and moisturize your skin while simultaneously delivering the benefits of CBD. Our raw ingredients are responsibly sourced, minimally processed, and are food grade when possible. Most municipalities will readily accept our packaging for recycle too.

CBD Product FAQs
How do I use your products?

Please see the page specific to the product you are interested in for suggested use.

Are your products safe to eat?
Although the ingredients we use are not toxic or harmful if ingested and most of them are food grade, they are not manufactured in an environment that the FDA considers to be “food safe.” We do not recommend eating your body care products.

Are your products safe to use around/on/in genitals?

Yes! Our Soothing Salve Sticks and Oh!Nectars are designed to be gentle and avoid ingredients that can irritate these sensitive areas. Our Soaking Sand Bath Shots need to be diluted in water and should not be applied directly to the skin out of the container. Body Polish is for external use only; it’s gentle enough for the bikini area but sugar should never be placed inside the vagina or on the penis.  Like any new product, we recommend you test our products on skin that isn’t quite so sensitive to make sure that you don’t react poorly to any of the ingredients. Although our products work well for most people, everyone’s skin behaves differently and we can’t predict allergies or sensitivities .


Can I use your CBD products with your intimacy devices and toys?
Yes! Our CBD body care products work great alongside our toys. They can be used with quality toys that are made from body safe materials such as silicone, ABS plastic, and borosilicate glass. CBD products are not compatible with latex or latex condoms as they are oil-based.
Why do my CBD Intimate Body Care products look different?

We update our packaging from time to time. Rest assured that you are getting the same product with the same ingredients even though the packaging looks a bit different.

Sometimes the product itself looks different too.  Our products are hand made in small batches with natural ingredients.  It’s not unusual for the oils, butters, and other ingredients to have a slightly different look and feel because they are from a different crop harvest.  This variation is  normal and does not indicate a product defect.

Cannabidiol (CBD) FAQ
What is CBD or cannabidiol?
Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a naturally occurring non-psychoactive compound found in hemp and marijuana. Many people use it medicinally but it also feels wonderful when applied directly to the skin. It can also enhance intimacy and increase sexual pleasure. We use pure CBD from USA grown hemp.


What does CBD feel like?
Everyone responds to CBD differently. It can be soothing, relaxing, calming, or tingly (in a warm and fuzzy kind of way).


Can using CBD products get me high?
No. CBD (cannabidiol) does not provide a high or cause impairment in judgement.


Do your products contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)?
No. We use pure cannabidiol (CBD) isolate in our products which does not contain any meaningful amounts of THC or other cannabinoids or compounds.


Is CBD legal?
Yes. It is legal in all 50 states and as of January 1, 2019 it is also legal at the federal level in the USA. For other countries, please refer to your nation’s laws.


How do I know that I’m getting quality CBD? Can I see third-party lab results?
Our cannabidiol comes from Colorado grown hemp plants and is independently lab tested to ensure purity. We keep third-party lab testing documents on file and you can view them here. When it comes to CBD, transparency and quality are of the utmost importance to us.


Are hemp seed oil and CBD oil the same thing?
No! They do both come from the cannabis sativa plant but they are different. CBD oil is a compound that specifically contains cannabidiol and produces that soothing and relaxing effect. Hemp seed oil is used both in skin care and for culinary purposes but is similar to olive oil and does not contain meaningful amounts of cannabinoids.


How long does it take for CBD to take effect?
Typically you’ll feel the effects within 5-15 minutes. It varies depending on the person. If you’re using intimately, it is best to apply it during foreplay or the beginning of your session.


Why would I want to apply CBD to my skin?
Many people reap the benefits of CBD by consuming it, but it can also be highly beneficial when applied topically. Our products include a variety of additional ingredients to moisturize and soothe dry or irritated skin. When it is used intimately, it enhances sex for many people and provides some fun and exciting foreplay options too.

Intimacy Devices

Intimacy devices, like many other mechanical creations, are driven by motors and electrical current. The way they feel to the touch and respond to a person’s body is determined by the basic fundamentals of materials science. It is our belief that all of the components that go into making intimacy devices should be of the highest standard and that the resulting product should meet specifications that will ensure both its quality and effectiveness.

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