Well, if we’re being technical about it – it is a mystery, but the most fun kind of mystery…

EngErotics is now offering Mystery Boxes! 

The ULTIMATE way to maximize your budget! Our Mystery Boxes feature luxury toys, CBD self-care products, and other novelties we knew you’d want to have. 

Catered to you in mind and UNRIVALED for value, selection, and FUN. 

Never experienced a Mystery Box before? Jacki on our Marketing Team is kind of obsessed with them, so we’ll let her explain her love for mystery boxes to you:

Okay, so, do you remember that excitement you felt when you were a kid and someone gave you a surprise gift on a day that wasn’t your birthday? You know, your Aunt Myrtle is in from out of town and they brought you a gift! Now, normally, these gifts were something useful – you know something to keep the kids out of the adult’s hair while they catch up.

More importantly, do you remember the anticipation between hearing you had a surprise gift and opening said gift? The thrill of the unknown?! That’s the same magic a mystery box gives me.

Anytime I spy a mystery box in the wild, I snatch it up. And then immediately open it in the car, like a kid. It’s thrilling for me as an adult to be able to buy myself a literal surprise.

And the best part that makes the adult part of my brain the happiest – is that I’m always getting a deal. That’s because mystery boxes tend to be filled with higher end product that is being phased out due to inventory refreshes, samples of things that I’m sure to fall in love with, and other little surprises that aren’t yet available to the general public yet.

I’ve discovered so many things because of the Mystery Boxes I’ve purchased as an adult.

They bring me so much joy!!”

That magical feeling of joy is exactly what we’re trying to capture with our mystery boxes.

Because you know what? Adults deserve magic too.

EngErotics Mystery Boxes feature high quality sexual wellness products with a value of at least $50! We ALL love discounts! And much like the surprise gifts your Aunt Myrtle would bring for you when visiting your parents, they are filled with things to keep you occupied… in a very constructive way.

Self care is so important, after all.

Everyone loves getting gifts – and we’d like you to consider this a gift to yourself, perfect for when you can’t decide what to get. You know our motto: Treat Yo’Self.

Plus, EngErotics Mystery Boxes make a PERFECT gift for our loved ones who want to spice up their life (consider it an already wrapped present!). Don’t worry, we always use discreet packaging

The best way to get a little bit of everything, our Mystery Boxes are perfect for both couple and solo-play. You do not want to miss out on this!