This month, we are sharing our hottest tips on Temperature Play with ways you can incorporate the cold (and heat!) into your foreplay adventures.

Temperature play is an erotic form of sensation play. Sensation play incorporates your senses. Your senses can enhance your intimate experience, whether you’re engaging touch, taste, sound, sight, or smell. Sensation play allows you to use your senses to electrify your sexual pleasure and overall sexual experiences.

Temperature play is the sensual practice of exploring various temperatures to excite your body’s receptors. Hot or cold temperatures can be used on various erogenous zones, depending on personal preferences. A wide variety of objects, materials, and liquids can be utilized to facilitate a hot or cold temperature.

Through experimentation, you may find your own favorite temperatures on different body parts. While you may like icy cold on your nipples, you may instead like warmth on your vulva.


How to use everyday household objects for temperature play.

  • Drink a glass of ice cold water before performing oral sex on your partner
  • Let an ice cube melt on you or your partner’s body
  • Warm up chocolate syrup, then paint and lick your partner

Take it to the next level!

  • Body-safe massage candles are a great introduction to low-temperature wax play. Soy and paraffin are safe bets!
  • Some sex toy materials can be warmed or left in the freezer for the purpose of temperature play (like stainless steel and glass)

If you are looking for even more ways to play with temperature, check out our award-winning Oh!Nectar Massage Oil or a Soothing Salve Stick. Both of these CBD products can be chilled in the fridge or gently warmed. (Note: Please avoid temperature extremes as they can result in burns or frostbite.) Our Oh!Nectar Massage Oil is compatible with body-safe materials. Chill a metal or glass toy and pair it with Oh!Nectar Massage Oil for a sensational experience!