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Soothing Salve Sticks are solid lotion sticks that blend nourishing oils, butters, and pure hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol; less than 0.3% THC) into a convenient 2 oz twist up tube. They are particularly wonderful for soothing dry or irritated skin and have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body. They are gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive skin and melt on contact. We offer two variations in both Regular Strength (500 mg of CBD) and Extra Strength (1000 mg of CBD):

  • Original Formula
  • Coconut Free (Unscented) Formula

Shipping Notice: Salve sticks melt at body temperature which means they are also prone to melting in the mail. If the temperature at your shipping destination is forecasted to be over 75° orders containing a salve stick will require an additional 24 hours processing time and will only be shipped Monday-Wednesday to ensure that your salve stick arrives in excellent condition. Please retrieve your salve stick from the mail promptly and do not allow it to sit in a hot mail box, car, or bag. Thank you for your patience.

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Suggested Use & Ingredients



Remove safety cap then twist up product. Apply directly on skin as needed. Store in a cool place.


  • Intense moisturizer for dry skin
  • Delivers a concentrated amount of CBD right where you want it
  • Soothes skin after sun or snow exposure
  • Makes overused muscles feel great


  • Enjoy with a partner during foreplay or aftercare
  • Enjoy alongside a body-safe toy


Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Product is not compatible with latex. Avoid eye area. Manufactured in a facility that also uses tree nuts, peanuts, and soy.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 1.875 × 1.875 × 4.125 in

8 reviews for Soothing Salve Stick

  1. Danielle (verified owner)

    Omgeeeee. I know that the salve stick is probably meant for my lady bits. But I had ankle fusion in January. I’ve been struggling to find something topical for pain especially the nerve pain…. I was nothing else is workin. Ima going buy some of EEs salve stick. Within less than 10 minutes. It is feeling soooo much better. Idk if it’s bc I know it’s made from love from your passion for all things… including woman empowerment. But thank you so very much!!! And I’m blessed and proud to know you!!!!

  2. Olya Pedersen (verified owner)

    I love my Coconut Free formula. I use it all the time for solo play. It makes my labia engorged, open and juicy, it really puts me in the mood and incredibly enhances my pleasure. Even though it was hard to roll it out of the tube at a certain point, Raven promptly offered great advice on how to fix the issue, and it worked. This product is so good, I did not mind this minor inconvenience at all. I would just scrape it out of the tube, even a tiny amount works. I am not sure if it is compatible with latex condoms? It’s definitely compatible with my delicate skin and sex toys.

    • Raven Faber (verified owner)

      I’m so glad that you’re loving your Soothing Salve Stick and I’m so glad that I could help you find a solution to your minor problem. Our Salve Sticks are NOT compatible with latex as it is an oil-based product, so be sure to use a latex alternative during intimacy. Enjoy!

  3. Kerri D

    I bought this while training for a half marathon to help with achey feet and muscles. I had the stick for maybe a day and my husband commandeered it for his own sports injuries. This has quickly become the one product that we can never be without because it’s so incredibly soothing on sore muscles and injuries. I recommend it to all my friends and it has never let us down!

    • Raven Faber (verified owner)

      Yes, yes, yes!!! We’re so glad that our Soothing Salve Stick is helping you. It’s so rewarding to help people! 😀

  4. James Breen

    I have been using one of the extra strength for a little over a week now to handle my siatic issues (also my screwed up knees and migraines). I have never been happier with a product in my life! Within 5 minutes, I am virtually pain free and able to function normally for a good portion of the day. Thank you Raven and EngErotics for developing such an amazing product! I am telling everyone I know dealing with pain about it!

    • Raven Faber (verified owner)

      You are so welcome!! The team and I are so happy that our product is helping you. We look forward to filling future orders from you and thank you for your business! 🙂

  5. Shannon (verified owner)

    I’m 32 weeks pregnant and threw my pelvis off. The right side was 3 inches higher than the left. The pain was immense. This salve was the only thing allowing me to wake up pain free. One evening I was nearly in tears because I couldn’t sit or stand without being in pain. I put on the soothing salve and within a few minutes my lower back pain was gone. I will never not have one of these on hand.

    • Raven Faber (verified owner)

      Yay!!! The EngErotics Team and I are so, so glad that our Soothing Salve Stick is working for you. Testimonials like yours make us so happy and we’re looking forward to filling your next order. 🙂

  6. Sandy

    Had surgery 8 weeks ago and no other products worked for me. But EngErotics salve stick works wonderfully. Thank you so much

    • Raven Faber (verified owner)

      We’re so happy our Soothing Salve Stick is helping you during your recovery! 🙂

  7. projectgodess (verified owner)

    I recently was in a car accident and I put the salve on before bedtime. It helps immensely with my spinal inflammation and works best with a verified high-quality cbd- oil supplement
    I will keep in supply throughout my recovery process.

    • Raven Faber

      Yes! The EngErotics Team and I are so glad that our Salve is helping you! We appreciate your business very much. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

  8. 3033595157q

    I bought this for my 92 yo mother to put on her arthritic knees. She absolutely loves this. Her knees feel soooo much better. I will make sure she has plenty.

    • Raven Faber

      Thanks for your order and we’re so glad that your mother loves our product. We look forward to future orders from you!

      – The EngErotics Team

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