This month, we sat down with our founder, Raven, to talk about her experience filming the FuseTV show, “Sex Sells” hosted by Weezy WTF. 

Get yourself a cozy beverage, a warm blanket and cuddle up for an interesting read:

1. Tell us about your experience with getting in-touch with Sex Sells.
A. Sex Sells actually got in touch with me. The sister of an old friend of mine had been quietly following EngErotics’ journey over the years and her husband (who makes a living managing media and influencer talent) happens to manage Weezy WTF (the host of Sex Sells). As it turns out, the idea had already been run by Weezy and her team and they were all very receptive to the idea. So…old friend’s sister pitched me/EngErotics to her husband who connected me to the people at Sex Sells. The ball really started rolling after the formal introduction email between me and the producers of the show.

2. Tell us about your experience with filming for Sex Sells.
A. It was a very positive experience, overall! I was running on fumes that day though and I was so tired. I was exhausted and I was sounding pretty hoarse due to allergies. I felt like I was just barely keeping it together, to be honest.

The day before I was originally supposed to fly out to LA to shoot with them, my daughter was admitted to the hospital with breathing problems. I had no choice but to let them know that I wouldn’t be able to be on the show. They were so gracious and kind. They postponed the day of the shoot so that I could attend to my daughter. I ended up flying out several days after my daughter came home from the hospital in good health. Having a child in the hospital really takes a toll on you emotionally. I was still recovering from that experience, so I felt pretty rough. I made it out there though and I’m so glad for the experience. I wish I would have been able to have had the experience feeling 100%. I wasn’t feeling 100% so, I went out there with whatever I had left to give and I think that was enough. It was a great experience!

3. What motivated you to participate on the show?
A. I was extremely flattered to find out that EngErotics had been pitched to be included on the show. I mean, I thought that was the best thing ever! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hustling for and pursuing your own opportunities but there’s something really special about someone seeing you, watching you, and recommending you without your knowledge. It meant a lot that someone who is so connected would consider me for the opportunity and EngErotics hadn’t had any previous TV exposure. When opportunity knocks, you say “Yes!”.

4. How does being on Sex Sells contribute to your overall mission and/or goals?
A. I believe that it’s one giant step in the direction of normalizing the conversation surrounding sex, sexual wellness, sex education, and all related topics. Furthermore, being on the show has helped solidify my (and by extension, EngErotics) position as a credible thought leader in the sexual wellness space. Finally, there’s the company/brand recognition thing and I’m really excited that so many more people will get to learn about EngErotics and what we do here!

5. What was it like, behind-the scenes, while on Sex Sells?
A. It was really fun! The episode was filmed in this huge ranch-style house in the hills of California. There was lots of open space inside and a gorgeous pool out back. Lots of privacy too. I wouldn’t be surprised if porn has been filmed there in the past. Anyway, the producers and crew were super chill and very kind. Weezy was a gem (both on and off camera) and she had her little doggie on set with her. One of the crew members made a coffee run to Starbucks and I very much appreciated getting coffee because I really needed it. The producers were so helpful in helping me understand where I needed to be and guiding me through filming my part of the episode.

6. Can you give us any teasers about your Sex Sells episode?
A. Yes! I pitched the idea of Weezy doing part of the interview while lying in a bathtub during the initial meetings with the show’s creative team and that’s exactly what happened! I’m still thrilled that they liked my idea.

7. What was your favorite part about being on Sex Sells?
A. I really enjoyed talking about what I do so openly and freely in front of the camera! It wasn’t scripted, so all my thoughts were my own. That felt really fun and liberating.


1. Without giving away too much, can you tell us any upcoming projects or initiatives you’re excited about?
A. Yup! We’re currently pursuing relationships with several mainstream, big-box stores.

2. How do you stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in CannaSexTech?
A. I follow people who are knowledgeable and well-connected in the space on social media. LinkedIn is a great place to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in both Cannabis and SexTech. I’ve found so much informative content that way.


1. Outside of your professional life, how do you unwind or find inspiration?
A. I like naps. Rest and good sleep are very important when it comes to my productivity level during the week. Outside of that, I very much enjoy fitness and exercise to help with the release of stress. Working out is a meditation of sorts for me. Sometimes great ideas will come to me while in the middle of a workout. Baking and cooking are also things that I find lots of joy and inspiration in. They are another sort of meditation and it feels so soothing to create in that way. Taking the time to fill my cup in whatever way serves me best at the time helps to open the conduit through which inspiration may flow. It often feels like inspiration finds me and not the other way around.

2. Is there a mantra or philosophy that guides both your personal and professional life?
A. These days, “Move with intention” seems to show up in my thoughts more often than it doesn’t.

Wrap Up

1. As we wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to share from your time on the show?
A. I’d love for the producers and crew, should they ever see this, to know that I appreciate the opportunity and their kindness! I enjoyed working with all of them!

2. In what ways do you hope your contribution to the show will have a positive impact or bring about change in your field or beyond?
A. I’m hoping that all the Black women out there who see it and who have dreams of starting their own company (or who are in the early stages of starting their own company) will see it and say, “I can do that too!” I genuinely hope that my time on the show will help others to feel more secure in whatever it is they’re doing whether that’s starting a company or even just getting comfortable in their own skin.

3. How do you see this conversation evolving in the future, and do you plan to continue engaging with this topic?
A. I believe we’ll see even more discussion on the mechanics of what it takes to own/run a business that is related to sexual wellness and/or cannabis. Sex and cannabis really do sell and because of that, so many people think “easy money” when it comes to getting involved and so they dive right in without a plan hoping to turn a profit overnight. There’s a lot of red tape involved, more than what a “vanilla” business would encounter. Not everyone is aware or prepared for that and I’d be more than happy to engage in the conversation to help others.

4. How do you hope to be remembered in your field or by your audience?
A. You know, I think I’d just like to be remembered as a regular person who did her best to help make the world a better place in an unconventional way whether I succeed at what I’m doing or not.