Happy New Year! 

January is a time when we often consider how to make this year better than the last. 

Have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions? 

Maybe go to the gym more? Possibly eat better? Or maybe you’ve been doing the work over the past few years and your only resolution is to just keep being true to yourself. 

Whatever direction you decide to go, New Year’s resolutions vary by each individual, but did you know that the most common new year’s resolutions can also impact your sex life? 

Here are 4 Traditional New Year’s Resolutions that also… improve your sex life!?


Most people choose to start exercising in the new year in hopes of losing weight. Exercise is meant to be enjoyable; this makes one more likely to continue with the regimine. You may find that swimming or boxing is what you prefer. Whichever you choose, you may experience increased levels of sexual satisfaction. Those that exercise on a regular basis are more likely to report higher levels of sexual satisfaction. 


Many people are wanting to improve their eating habits for the new year. This may look like cooking healthier meals at home, meal-prepping, or maybe stopping by fast-food on the way home less often. However you choose to eat healthier this year, studies have shown that having a healthy diet has been shown to positively influence sex, especially for woman-identifying individuals!

Reduce Stress

Unfortunately, many of us are stressed out; thankfully, most of us want to decrease our stress levels. Stress can be from partners, children, or even oneself. There are many ways one can decrease their stress: therapy, meditation, or exercise. However, most of us are unaware of how our stress can affect our sex life. In a recent study analyzing the associations between stress and sex, researchers found that various stressors affect sexual desire, pleasure, and could increase the chances of sex being painful for some.

Travel More

Top bucket list places people want to travel to include Hawaii, Bali, Bahamas, and Australia. Travel is fun for many reasons, but the thought of having sex in a new exotic place is exhilarating for many people. This year, whether you’re traveling solo or with your partner, you can experience sexual pleasure with the thrill of novelty at the same time. 

Whether you have a long list of resolutions or a single plan to be happy with yourself in 2023, don’t forget to make your pleasure a priority. And when you’re thinking about your own pleasure, don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then, okay?