It’s of the utmost importance for scientific minds and minorities to step up. EngErotics founder Raven Faber blends sex and science for a curated retail experience.

Sex-tech is in full swing, and its’ female founders think good engineering needs to become top priority for today’s discerning consumer. Raven Faber, a structural engineer from Colorado, USA, found that selling sex toys fit her personality much better than a corporate job. When she decided to take a leap and launch her own brand, Faber already knew that selling any old lube or vibrator simply wouldn’t do for a seasoned scientist. Faber set out to create a brand around the idea that science can fuel sex toy sales. Consumers needn’t be engineers to feel drawn to expertly engineered lubricants – like Faber’s own CBD lube line, including the Oh!Nectar Massage Oil – and pleasure products – like the EngErotics DimiVibe. Pleasure enthusiasts have been seeking sex-tech for years, thanks to mainstreampraised brands like MysteryVibe and Fun Factory. Faber’s goal is to refine the public’s interest in sex and technology with a curated collection of EngErotics-labeled toys and CBD lubes along with a small selection of other manufacturers’ brands that fit Faber’s ethics and quality standards. The idea, Faber says, is for consumers to skip the endless scrolling through page after page of standard sex toys. The EngErotics consumer – and the majority of the market, according to Faber – wants to only be presented with the best. As EngErotics clarifies on their website, the brand’s mission is to bring high-quality, well-engineered intimacy devices
along with expertly formulated CBD infused intimate body care products to market. Faber holds strong to the idea that the chemistry behind a CBD infused intimate body care product is paramount in ensuring that its efficacy and performance exceed expectations. In Faber’s first interview for the European pleasure trade, she explains why all of the components that go into making intimacy products and devices should be of the highest standard.