“Basically, we are all Adele right now.”
– S. Mitra Kalita, columnist for TIME and Charter

The pandemic has been exhausting. For everyone. This week, S. Mitra Kalita focused on the experience for women in business like Adele who was forced to cancel dozens of shows due to sickness and delays. EngErotics’ founder, Raven Faber, also weighed in with her experience as work and home boundaries blur.

But what a year it’s been, says Raven V. Faber, who runs a design firm and a sexual-wellness company outside Denver, Colo. She describes the initial lockdown in the spring of 2020 as ‘nothing short of hellish, stressful, and chaotic.’ Then daycare reopened, kindergarten started and things seemed to be normalizing.

But then Omicron. ‘I’ve had to cope with deaths in my family, help support my team as they deal with deaths in their own families, navigate delay after delay, keep the wheels turning in my companies, raise my kids, prioritize time with my husband, and make time for myself. It’s a lot,’ Faber says. ‘Dealing with the fact that we seem to be back in March 2020 is a lot. We’ve been in this mess for two years now. I was so hopeful that this would be over by now but it’s not. It’s a really demoralizing feeling.’

Read the full article for more perspectives on how CEOs are managing work and life during a pandemic. And as we start a new year, please remember to give everyone in your life a little extra grace.