“So, what can you do to ensure the businesses you buy from are actually doing good things during Pride month? Good news: As a sex expert and relationship therapist, I made it easy for you. Here are some of my favorite sex toys you can buy to celebrate Pride, and they’re all from small businesses that are a part of the LGBTQ+ community in some way.”
– Rachel Wright of SHAPE

‘Shroom by EngErotics

The ‘shroom is a great example of how a sex toy can be both inclusive and accessible while ditching the gendered looks that have plagued the sex toy industry. The ‘shroom is a wonderful design for vulva owners, penis owners, as well as individuals who are intersex – as its unique shape lends itself well to providing stimulation in a variety of ways.

“We know first hand how demoralizing it is to walk into a store and not see yourself represented (or worse, see yourself only represented in a specialty section that may not resonate with you),” says Heather Bahr, EngErotics formulation specialist. “Superior products and education should be available to everyone. Period. The vast majority of our products are intentionally designed for all people to be used in multiple ways. We aim to bring this functionality mainstream.”