Derived from the ancient Sanskrit term “to weave energy” tantra encourages a sensual experience that connects your mind, body, and soul. Tantric sex brings a mindful awareness to the experience of sensation, whether you practice alone or with a partner. Tantric sex puts the focus on full-body sensation instead of limiting it to genital arousal.

Benefits of Tantric Sex:

    • Allow your sexual energy to flow freely within your body
    • Experience a new level of intimacy and sensuality
    • Holistic mind-body-spirit connection

In “classical tantra” the goal is typically full spiritual awakening or enlightenment. “Neotantra” is the modernized version that intertwines spirituality, sexuality, and a state of mindfulness.

Tantric sex is slow and meaningful; the focus is on heightening the senses and expanding the sexual consciousness. You can practice tantric sex alone or with a partner. Use breath, sound, and movement such as slow touches and gentle embraces. Sometimes during tantric sex you may not be moving but focused on cultivating a meditative state of mind.

Tantric sex techniques can help you form a close intimate connection with your partner. They can allow you and your partner to explore each other’s bodies in a way that’s comfortable with the freedom to move and touch in whatever way you and your partner decide is best.



    • Breathe deeply and slowly
    • Allow yourself to experience the full range of emotion
    • Let go of tension
    • Don’t rush yourself
    • Let the intensity build
    • Try new positions
    • Touch in new ways
    • Sex is optional
      • Orgasm is not the goal; aim to increase pleasure and sensuality


Create a sacred space

    • Turn off devices and light candles or incense
    • Take a moment to be aware of your surroundings
    • Use all your senses to absorb everything going on around you
    • Set intentions for the sessions
      • Example 1: Experience pleasure
      • Example 2: Connect with yourself and/or your partner

Eye gazing

Experience the powerful gaze of your partner while fully revealing yourself to your partner.

    • Start by facing your partner clothes on and synchronize your breath
    • Begin touching, feeling, and moving with your partner in whatever way feels best to you
    • Maintain eye contact and continue to focus on your breathing
    • Try this for 2 minutes
    • Notice what emotions or sensations come up or if you feel tempted to look away
    • It isn’t a staring contest, so you can always close your eyes and then open them again

Tantric massage

One partner receives the massage tuning into pleasure and experiencing sensation. The partner giving the massage moves their hands slowly and sensually along the other person’s body. Massage one partner for 10 min then switch positions.



    • Being naked is optional
    • Go slow
    • Add tantric elements into what you’re already doing in the bedroom
      • Incorporate meditation into foreplay
      • Focus on deep breathing during solo play

While it may seem daughting at first, tantric sex can be as easy as just being in the moment. Try out EngErotics’ Soaking Sand Bath Shot 4 Pack before your tantric sex to increase your relaxation and euphoric satisfaction.