Sex-Positive Brands Set in Motion Plans for Increased Diversity

The death of George Floyd on May 25 has sparked protests all over the world condemning racial injustice towards black people, inspiring long-overdue support for the Black Lives Matter movement. In the adult retail industry, the worldwide unrest has drawn attention to the marginalization of BIPOC within its own professional community and in its messaging to it customers. As a black-owned, woman-owned company EngErotics founder and CEO Raven V. Faber says that her brand has always stood unapologetically against racism.

“The current civil unrest has only prompted us to become even louder and to scream as loud as we can for justice,” Faber said. “There is simply too much at stake to shy away from this fight, and we need those in the majority to recognize this while taking meaningful action. Our message to our customers and followers is very clear: Black Lives Matter.”

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