Tips and tricks from CEOs including EngErotics’ founder to keep from getting fried during stressful times.

Raven Faber, EngErotics’ founder and CEO, offers tips and ticks that have helped her weather the last two years of the pandemic while running EngErotics and raising her children. Keeping an organized schedule is essential.

“Try a dual-calendar system, says Raven V. Faber. She keeps a hard-copy paper planner in addition to Google calendars. ‘My paper planner is handy for creating my to-do lists, taking notes, and keeping track of my meetings and such,’ she says. She uses her own digital calendar for personal and business use and keeps a shared calendar with her team. ‘My husband and I share our Google calenders with each other, and that prevents us from booking things on top of each other’s meetings,’ Faber, a mother of two kids, says. ‘The commitments in my paper planner are always in sync with what’s in Google.'”

CEOs in a similar position suggest keeping a clear deliniation between work and family, especially while working from home. Self care, while easy to skip, is high on the list of recommendations. Being kind and supportive of one another should also be a priority now and all the time.