EngErotics team members weigh in on what lessons, conditions, and elements they have adopted during the pandemic that they don’t want to lose as people go back to their offices.

Please stay compassionate.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what it would take for me to come back to work, and the thing at the top of my list would be flexibility. Maybe understanding is a better word. I want an employer that values their employees as much as they value the money the employees make them. I want employers to understand that employees are humans, with human lives and families, hurts and happys.”

—Jacki Mick, writer and podcaster

Please keep focusing on mental health.

“I’d like to see more employers take the mental health of their employees seriously by fostering a work culture that actively supports rest and self-care. I’d also like to see more employees advocate for themselves and prioritize their mental health over their work obligations as things begin to reopen. The last two years have really driven this home.”

—Raven Faber, founder and CEO of EngErotics